Policymeasures.com is an open development resource for information related to the design, use and analysis of policies and measures for the environment.

The scope and detail of the content in this resource is formatted to target a range of interests from the casual browser to the specialist modeller. The site was launched in a beta testing phase and has been extended and developed moderately since that initial launch. Presently the site is viewed as a complete framework for content development, but the level of content remains a challenge for the future phases of work.  In the main navigation bar above you can jump straight to the browsing menus for the policy measures database, the related reading resources section, and a detailed search menu.

Note that the information provided in this resource is provided from public domain sources and voluntary contributions from international experts and stakeholders. The information provided may be the subject of ongoing work or opinion. As such users should be aware that the content is evolving in response to scientific progress, empirical research and contemporary perspectives. Users are encouraged to register to enable authored contributions and comments for the enhancement, correction and refinement of the knowledge in this resource. Similarly whilst efforts are made to ensure that all content is appropriately referenced and that copyright is fully respected errors can occur. However, we will endeavour to respond promptly to notice of any potential issues. Please see the about and disclaimer pages for more information.

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Recent Publications & Policy Measures

Solid Fuel Regulation

The ban on the marketing, sale and distribution of bituminous fuel (or ‘smoky coal ban’) was first introduced in Dublin…

Air | Non-Technical Option | Specific Example

Building Energy Rating

From January 1st, 2009, a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate became compulsory for all homes being sold or offered for…

Climate | Climate & Air | Energy | Non-Technical Option | Specific Example

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