Policy Measures Database

This page provides access to the policy measures database. The policy measures database is a growing collection of information related to environmental policies and measures structured into a common format. Individual policies and measures will have varied levels of content and detail available. Registered users are encouraged to comment on measures in the system to suggest additions and amendments, or alternatively they can use the option at the Get Involved page to submit a new measure for development by the community.

On this page two primary filters are available to engage with the database. Measures may be searched by type or by theme. Alternatively a user may use the search feature to execute a more targeted query of the system.

  • Technical Option

    Technical Option

    The technical option filter will return a list of all options that relate to a technological option that delivers emission reductions or other environmental improvements.

  • Non-Technical Option

    Non-Technical Option

    The non-technical option filter will return a list of all options that relate to behavioural or non-technical policies and measures for the environment.

  • Specific Example

    Specific Example

    The specific option filter will return a list of specific actual policies and measures implemented or assessed for a defined location.

  • Generic Example

    Generic Example

    The generic option filter will return a list of all policies and measures that are described and discussed as either general concepts or theories.

Browse by theme

10 themes and a ‘list all’ option are provided to allow searching or filtering of policies and measures by a given thematic area. Please note that themes are not mutually exclusive and measures may fall under a number of those defined.