A Use-Based Analysis of Local-Scale GHG Inventories

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As action against climate change is territorialized, moving from global to local efforts, the importance of emission inventories as a planning, reporting and tracking tool must also make the transition, adapting to the specific needs of local authorities. This paper attempts to better understand the requirements posed in developing locallevel GHG inventory tools through a use-based approach based on the premise that the utility of GHG inventories that correspond solely to internal uses by local authorities is rapidly diminishing due to the necessity of linking mitigation effort across all levels of government.

An analysis of how local-scale GHG inventories are used at the local and national levels reveals a number of use-based trends. Local GHG inventories can be categorized along two principal axes that influence their structure. First, the division of inventories into two categories based on internal or external uses by the local authority influences the required framing concerning scope, reporting and verification Second, the perimeter at which inventories are conducted influences a number of structural issues related to structure and methodology. Further, the design and development of inventories is linked to two key trade-offs to take into consideration: the first functioning across scales between cost and accuracy and the necessity to avoid second across uses between action and comparability.

The results of this analysis indicates that in addition to the technical issues of perimeter and use, normative political choices such as how the responsibility for emissions is attributed play a central role, often defining the sectors and the emission scopes to be taken into consideration. Given their influence on the structure of local scale emission inventories, it is clear that national governments and international authorities must develop a consensus on these elements.

In order to be considered as credible actors, local authorities must collectively be able to demonstrate that they are able to make, and reach, credible, transparent and measurable GHG emission reduction commitments. This indicates that inventories that are detailed, transparent and comparable are not only necessary, but essential.

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Spring 2010

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