Climate, Air and Energy 2010 (2010 Report)

Report #2 Copenhagen, Ireland and International Developments

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 Since the last climate and energy report (Spring 2009), the single biggest issue on the climate agenda was the COP-15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009. In the run up to these negotiations expectations changed from a desire or belief that a new legally binding climate deal would be reached to a hope that the negotiations would at the very least deliver a politically binding agreement to combat climate change. This paper reviews events leading up to Copenhagen and the subsequent recent developments in this context.


The report is structured as follows. Section 2 provides a description of the road to the December climate negotiations in Copenhagen along with the associated outcomes.  Section 3 examines the implications of the Copenhagen negotiations for Ireland in terms of its EU assigned greenhouse gas targets and examines national progress with respect to Ireland’s 2020 greenhouse gas target. Section 4 documents the most recent significant domestic climate policy developments in the U.S. Section 5 provides a conclusion to the brief.

Spring, 2010

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