ENTRACTE-CECILIA2050 Climate Policy Workshop

Proceedings of the ENTRACTE-CECILIA 2050 Joint Workshop

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In September 2013, a group of participants in the European climate policy process gathered in Dublin for a two-day workshop under the auspices of ENTRACTE, an EU FP7 funded research project, in collaboration with another FP7 research project CECILIA 2050. The purpose was threefold. Firstly to understand the current policy framework in the EU for addressing climate change. Secondly to consider how different stakeholders view the issues and the choices. Thirdly to draw some tentative conclusions as to the issues which need to be addressed as we look to the future. These are the proceedings of the meeting.

Climate Change
Winter 2014

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Policymeasures.com (2019). ENTRACTE-CECILIA2050 Climate Policy Workshop. Available:
www.policymeasures.com/resources/detail/future-eu-climate-policy-challenge-and-choices Last accessed: 24th April 2019

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