GAINS Abatement Cost Guide

Version 1: A synthesis of information relating to the estimation, handling and use of abatement cost variables in GAINS

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This document offers a synthesised and comprehensive overview of the handling and role of cost data in the GAINS modelling framework. The document is the first version of a GAINS Cost guide, and has been provided by the IMP Ireland team as a means of promoting greater understanding of both the GAINS model operations and its function as a decision-support tool in international policymaking. The piece does not address the optimisation process in an effort to manage the length and complexity of the piece for readers.

This document completes a set of initial guidance documents developed by the IMP Ireland team in relation to aspects of the GAINS model. The set runs from energy and agriculture, through to controls and now cost. Further extensions and revisions of these documents are planned as part of future work in this area to reflect development of the model and demand from stakeholders.

The composed guide draws heavily on referenced material from the modelling team behind the development of GAINS – the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). Whilst the full scope of their material offers detailed information, the purpose of this guide is again to provide a single, accessible document for a range of users from interested academics to involved stakeholders. Whilst the work has been completed as a support to the GAINS Ireland component of the IMP Ireland project, the nature of the material should be of relevance to a much wider group.

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Winter 2010

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Reference This Source (2019). GAINS Abatement Cost Guide. Available: Last accessed: 24th April 2019

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