N-ETS 2020 - Ireland’s Non-Traded Sector Target (extended version)

An analysis of abatement potentials and costs in respect of Ireland's 2020 non-traded sector target using GAINS Ireland

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This report presents a first round analysis of the abatement potentials and costs in repsect of Ireland's Non-ETS target using a recalibrated version of the GAINS Ireland model. The analysis was conducted in close cooperation with colleagues at IIASA and with further input from national experts in Ireland. The analysis highlights the significant challenge facing Ireland in respect of reducing GHG emissions from the non-traded sector, with the menu of abatement options currently defined in the GAINS Ireland modelling system failing to achieve the 2020 target from our most recent baseline scenario. However, the report further ackowledges the untapped potential in specific sectors, and the role that may be played by a number of non-technical or behavioural policy measures which could be engaged.

This report is an extended version of the policy report to be released through the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland that draws upon this specific aspect of the IMP Ireland project work.

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Summer, 2011

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Policymeasures.com (2019). N-ETS 2020 - Ireland’s Non-Traded Sector Target (extended version). Available:
www.policymeasures.com/resources/detail/n-ets-2020-irelands-non-traded-sector-target-extended-version Last accessed: 24th April 2019

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