Non-Technical Measures I

Consideration of a framework for the inclusion of NTMs in the climate and air policy interface

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In the context of transboundary air pollution and greenhouse gas emission reductions, an increasingly important component of global abatement strategies remains at least partially absent from the operational analytical framework. That is the explicit role of economic instruments and behavioural change focused policies and measures. Such measures are increasingly relevant components of national abatement strategies by virtue of their contribution to activity and abatement technology penetration changes. These impacts can be captured at present, by estimating the change exogenously and feeding in the new activity or technology control share data. However, under such an approach, where we just account for the impact on activity or technology, we ignore the associated costs, perhaps some benefits, and also the effort involved in delivering these measures. We believe this approach has two potential shortcomings which may warrant further consideration. Firstly, NTMs offer considerable potential, but can introduce significant costs (including welfare impacts) depending on their design and stringency. Secondly, NTMs are an increasingly relevant component of abatement strategies, and a more formal understanding of their role and contribution would be of value in terms of negotiating new policy targets. It would offer a better perspective on the potential for abatement, as well as more direct acknowledgement of these actions and their relevance in the process.

This report considers non-technical measures and how to best reflect their role in the policy and modelling interface that informs climate and air policy within Europe. The piece is intended as a discussion starter as opposed to a definitive recommendation.

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Winter 2010

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