Here you can utilise a few additional features to search the site for content of interest.

In the first box below you may submit any keyword or search string. The buttons below the text field allow you to direct your search solely to either the Policy Measures database or the Reports & Reading section. Alternatively the default selection of 'All' will search the entire site for your defined keyword or string. In defining your search remember that you can use values such as years, countries and so on to try to uncover more specific information. We endeavour to tag all content with a range of information to help with searches, and the system will develop further in time.

As another approach to browsing the site - given that users may not always know what they are looking for - we offer the possibility to 'View all' rather than search. For example then, selecting the 'Reports & Reading' button and clicking view all will list all of the content under that heading.

Finally, the theme filters are provided as a quick means of finding all Policy Measures content connected with those areas.